Our History

Schulte, Schneiter & Gibson, PLLC’s roots in Western Oklahoma run deep. The firm’s history can be traced back over 80 years to R. F. Shutler. Although Mr. Shutler began the practice earlier, the firm’s letterheads, which are displayed in the office, date back to 1940. Although the firm has changed names over the years, its commitment to integrity and the people in the community remain unchanged.

The current composition of the firm dates back to 1982 when Paul Schulte joined the firm and its existing members Tom Baker and Harold Logsdon. Mr. Baker and Mr. Logsdon enjoyed outstanding reputations and laid the groundwork for the firm’s current success. Paul has continuously practiced law with the firm since joining the firm. Patrick Gibson joined the firm in 1994, and Katie Schneiter joined the firm in 2005. The firm is now able to meet nearly all the needs of its established clients and others in Western Oklahoma. The firm’s members have decades of experience in a wide range of legal issues including real property law, mergers, and acquisitions, corporate law, oil and gas law, estate planning, probate, personal injury, commercial law, taxation and variations of these areas. It is the firm’s philosophy to honor its clients’ wishes within the bounds of the ever-changing law and to never forget its roots.